Self Service Data Preparation

Empowering Business Users to Prepare Data

The most time-consuming part of every analytic exercise continues to be in combing, cleaning, and shaping data into actionable information. Paxata’s Self-Service Data Preparation solution is purpose-built to give business users and data analysts the ability to explore, profile, and transform data in a dynamically visual and interactive way.

Clicks, Not Code

  • Interactive, Excel-like interface
  • Visual profiling and transformations
  • Smart algorithms to detect structure, joins and overlaps

All Data, Not Samples

  • Industry’s only Apache Spark™ engine designed for large-scale interactive data prep
  • Get quality data in your first iteration

Automated Governance

  • Self-documenting to create repeatability
  • Data lineage and traceability
  • Tagging, annotations, and centralized sharing


Data Prep Steps

Paxata has unified all the steps into a single interface to make data preparation available to all users.

Intelligent Ingest

Quickly ingest data from a wide variety of enterprise and cloud sources, local files (Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Avro, Parquet) and semi-structured data in Hadoop data lakes, Amazon Redshift, S3 and business applications like Salesforce. Paxata intelligently detects your data source type and transforms it into a tabular format easy for point-and-click interactive profiling. Learn More | Watch Video

One-Click Profile

With one click, Paxata profiles your entire dataset and generates a summary scorecard showing an assessment of its content and quality. Watch Video


Interact, search and explore your data using a visual, Excel-like interface. Leverage visual profiling tools such as color-coded pattern detection and discovery, visual histogram and lassoing capabilities to narrow down outliers across the entire body of your data. Use smart algorithms to group and standardize similar values or misspellings in seconds. Combine data using join and overlap detections.

Clean and Shape

Interactively transform, aggregate, pivot and de-pivot data with a suite of one-click operations. Use Paxata’s self-documenting capabilities to automate your data transformations and create repeatability.
Watch Video Part 1 Watch Video Part 2   Watch Video Part 3


Tag, annotate, search, and share your data assets in a centralized workspace. Publish ready-to-use information to downstream analytics and visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, or business applications and customer portals.

Collaborate and Govern

Audit, version, and track the lineage and usage of your information. Use the bi-directional lineage from Paxata to data visualization tools to trace the data presented in a dashboard back to the exact data prep project that sourced the information, and reversely see the downstream data visualizations that a data prep project is tied to.


Publish information to enterprise and cloud sources or directly consume in BI and Analytic tools. Single-click integration with BI and Analytic tools enables contextually movement between business dashboards and data prep for faster time to value. Watch Video

See Paxata in Action

Contact us to schedule a brief demo. And see Paxata’s unique approach to intelligently transform raw data into ready information.

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