Self-Service Data Prep Application

Paxata’s Self-Service Data Prep Application

self-service-collageFastest path to actionable information

Modern self-service BI and Analytics solutions have transformed enterprises by giving everyone the ability to explore business information in a dynamic, visual and interactive way. Now, business consumers and teams can let their curiosity guide them to deeper insight, in ways they never imagined before. However, the most time-consuming part of every analytic exercise continues to be in combining, cleaning, and shaping varied data sets into actionable information worthy of being analyzed.

Paxata introduces the first business-grade, Self-Service Data Prep Application purpose-built to make it easier and faster to prepare data for analytics. Now everyone has the ability to rapidly turn raw data into ready data worthy of analytics—in minutes, not months. As rapidly as questions get asked, business analysts can securely and with governance gather, explore, clean, change, shape, enrich and combine data to derive meaningful AnswerSets™, which fuel data exploration, discovery and analytics.

Self-service for data independence

Freedom for business analysts to shape data regardless of volume, variety, source and without assistance from IT.

Visual experience

Rich visual user experience with familiar spreadsheet metaphor to interactively gather, prepare, enrich and publish data – no code, no scripts, no schemas.

Assisted intelligence for faster time to value

Algorithmic assistance infers the meaning of data for searching, linking, aggregating, and classifying data quickly while machine learning captures interactive steps for future data preparation improving analyst productivity in the face of growing data complexity.

Transparent governance for trusted data

Accurate, actionable and trustworthy information with self-documenting governance, security, auditing, versioning, lineage and usage tracking.


Scalability, manageability, extensibility and deploy-ability to meet current and future business needs.

Data Prep Steps


Quickly access or import from a wide variety of enterprise and cloud data sources, from flat files (Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Avro) to semi-structured data in Hadoop data lakes, Amazon Redshift, S3 and NoSQL databases, as well as structured data in databases and business applications like Salesforce.  Watch Video

Search & Explore

Search, explore and discover data sources, tables, columns, files, projects and data values using names, tags or descriptions. Explore data in real-time with visual, interactive data preparation to quickly understand data and identify data analysis needs. Data type specific histograms, visualizations, dashboards, and visual data quality heat maps highlight patterns, duplicates, blanks, errors and missing data.  Watch Video


Interactively standardize similar values using Natural language processing (NLP), split columns, concatenate columns, de-duplicate rows, detect and remediate errors, nulls, and whitespace on the fly, without writing any code or SQL.
Watch Video Part 1   Watch Video Part 2


Aggregate, pivot, depivot, and transpose data rapidly into any shape with a single click. Paxata provides shaping recommendations based on the data structure and offers visual cues to shape data for every analytic use case.  Watch Video

Combine & Relate

Use machine learning to automatically profile data sets and get recommendations for advanced single-click auto integration or append — saving time and effort.  Watch Video

Enrich & Classify

Leverage Paxata’s semantic and syntactic understanding of the data, to have the system identify datatypes and recommend other attributes which will increase the contextual value of the final datasets. Enrich enterprise data with 3rd-party and external data and turn raw data into meaningful information to uncover actionable insights.  Watch Video


Turn raw data into clean, contextual and ready-to-use AnswerSet. Reusable AnswerSet promote sharing, reuse, collaboration, and alignment.  Watch Video

Collaborate & Govern

Work in a private, safe and secure environment with automation and assisted intelligence. Share, reuse and collaborate across teams with a centralized, interactive, visual workspace. Turn dispersed raw data and siloed tribal knowledge into pervasive, enterprise-wide, shared data services with automated step recording, auditing, versioning, annotation, lineage and usage tracking.


Publish information to enterprise and cloud sources or consume in your favorite BI tool. Use single click integration with BI tools to contextually move between analytics and data prep.  Watch Video

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