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Ensuring that perishable products reach their retail destinations in a timely manner is a massive logistical effort. The Paxata Adaptive Information Platform enables analysts at a national food distributor to work seamlessly with multiple data systems across their enterprise without cumbersome Excel workarounds.

Using the Paxata self-service data prep application, analyst teams combine internal production data with retail data feeds to see a single view of the product as it progresses through the supply chain from the initial order to the point of sale to the consumer. The Paxata self-service data prep application provides a powerful and scalable solution with a business-friendly user interface for the deployment teams and transportation teams to maintain cost efficiency, minimize waste, and manage inventory to ensure the highest value.

With Paxata, business analysts are empowered to spend much more time on high-value analysis instead of on data preparation. Immediate results include:

Accelerate transit time analysis. The company has reduced the time it takes a business analyst to prepare transit time data from five hours a month to less than one.

Optimize their distribution chain. The company has also increased its ability to accurately identify pinch points in the distribution chain, and has stopped the coupon fraud occurring on its website by identifying the offending email address almost instantly.

This common, trusted, self-service information foundation feeds data to any of the business units’ analytic tools of choice, including Qlik, Excel and MicroStrategy.

In order to manage growth effectively, while meeting strict regulatory requirements, one of the world’s largest providers of investment banking, asset management, and wealth management must accurately track constantly changing information about its individual, corporate and institutional clients. The Paxata Adaptive Information Platform provides a single system from which business and IT groups can work. IT can merge and reconcile customer records from several different internal sources, and if there are exceptions or duplicates, send them to the business analysts to remediate—on the same platform, without needing to send out spreadsheets that can’t be easily tracked.

With the Paxata self-service data prep application, the company can now automate the remediation process for finding duplicate new client records. Instead of poring through Excel spreadsheets, business analysts can connect, shape, enrich and merge multiple datasets from the company’s different sources. They can also collaborate more easily with their colleagues in IT.

Paxata has empowered the company’s business analysts to triangulate data across internal and external sources, greatly improving the accuracy of client information. The remediation process is thus faster and completely audited, allowing business groups and IT to stay on the same page in terms of accountability. The process of reconciling client information moves faster and is more accurate as well—giving business analysts more time to focus on higher-value activities.

A major technology vendor depends on commodity hardware and specialized software to provide services to its customers. With the Paxata Adaptive Information Platform, analysts gather and combine high volumes of data from six different hosted and internally built business applications. Executives then use clean, consumable information prepared with Paxata self-service data prep and visualized in Tableau to make informed decisions for capacity and utilization planning.

Business analysts were frustrated because most of their time was spent gathering and aggregating data, resulting in stale and inaccurate information with no automation, collaboration, or documentation. With the Paxata Adaptive Information platform, analysts are able to collaborate in a secure and fully auditable environment to create accurate up-to-date information to make decisions regarding server utilization, purchasing, and even retirement. The intelligent algorithms and intuitive user experience of the Paxata self-service data prep app eliminated the need to write code or write Excel macros. Paxata’s out-of-the-box integration with Tableau made preparing data for Tableau reports even easier and faster. The information in those reports enabled the management team to realize they could retire or delay purchasing nearly 40,000 servers with operational savings approaching $10 million.

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