Paxata Adaptive Information Platform

Paxata Adaptive Information Platform

Actionable information for everyone

Today, the biggest challenge enterprises face is simply getting the data ready for analytics and decision making. Bringing together multi-structured data from diverse sources, preparing data, and combining additional data to provide more context are just a few challenging tasks that continue to confront modern enterprises. And, the modern enterprise requires an Adaptive Information Platform.

Paxata is built to satisfy those who want to dramatically increase their productivity of ever-increasing data volumes while reducing the trap of data chaos. Business analysts work within an intuitive, visual, self-service data preparation application to gather, prepare and publish data with clicks, not code, with complete governance and security. IT teams administer the scale of data volume and variety, data sources, and business scenarios for both ad-hoc and repeatable data service needs.

The Paxata Difference

Single platform

Provision data for modern data-intensive business applications with a functionally and technically unified platform for data integration, quality, enrichment, governance, and collaboration. Simplify information management and remove the need to stitch together multiple tools.

Self-service for data independence

Intuitive, no-code, rich visualizations, interactive, transparent experience to create and consume information frees business analysts to shape data regardless of volume, variety and source.

Start anywhere, move anywhere

Flexibility to deploy private, public or hybrid cloud, multi-tenant SaaS, and on-premises.

Business-grade, future-proof

Modern Apache Spark and Hadoop-based platform with scale-out, multi-tenancy, security and API-based extensibility.

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