Paxata Adaptive Information Platform

Fastest Path to Enterprise Data Preparation

The scale and complexity of data across the enterprise has created obstacles in realizing its business value quickly. Traditional IT tools are too slow and too complex. Newer desktop self-service solutions lack governance and scalability. Paxata has created an enterprise-grade information management platform that offers governed, self-service data preparation for large data at scale and at speed.

Governance & Self-Service
in One Solution

  • Visual data profiling, prep, and transformations
  • Self-documenting and end-to-end data lineage
  • Centralized catalog for sharing and collaboration

Enterprise Scale with
Business Agility

  • Apache Spark™ engine designed for large-scale interactive data prep
  • Smart algorithms that discover and recommend data prep operations

and Hybrid

  • Flexible deployment choices
  • Paxata cloud, on premises, private cloud, and hybrid
  • Advanced multi-tenancy

Adaptive Information Platform Overview

Built on Apache Spark and optimized to compute data preparation tasks at speed, the Paxata Adaptive Information Platform delivers an enterprise-grade self-service data preparation solution. Business analysts work intuitively within an intelligent and interactive application to visually explore, prepare, and transform data, while the platform handles governance, versioning, and scaling to large data volumes automatically.

Self-Service Data Preparation

Modern self-service BI and Analytics solutions have transformed enterprises by giving everyone the ability to explore business information in a dynamic, visual and interactive way. Now, business users and teams can let their curiosity guide them to deeper insight, in ways they never imagined before. However, the most time-consuming part of every analytic exercise continues to be in combining, cleaning, and shaping varied data sets into actionable information worthy of being analyzed.

Rapid Data Profiling

Paxata addresses the most time consuming part of data quality projects by providing an intuitive, visual and interactive application for business users to onboard, profile, and create quality information. To accelerate time to value and rapidly enable business teams, Paxata Rapid Data Profiling is offered in software as a service or a virtual private cloud.

Paxata Fall Release

Adaptive Workload Management

As enterprise data grows in scale, the amount of data available for interactive data prep at speed should never be a product hard limit. Paxata Adaptive Workload Management is designed to give organizations the freedom of choice in right-sizing data volumes for interactive data prep vs. repeated, batch workloads.

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