Rapid Data Profiling

Giving Business Teams First Eyes on Data

Paxata addresses the most time consuming part of data quality projects by providing an intuitive, visual and interactive application for business users to onboard, profile, and create quality information. To accelerate time to value and rapidly enable business teams, Paxata Rapid Data Profiling is offered in software as a service or a virtual private cloud.

Inspects Complex Data Fast

  • Discover and profile SQL or NoSQL data, Excel or complex files such as XML, JSON, Avro and Parquet
  • Interactivity with large datasets eliminates need for sampling or waiting for batch jobs

Intelligent and Automated

  • Improves productivity with algorithmic intelligence
  • Leverages machine learning and improves through usage
  • Automated step recorder enables reuse

Built for Business Users

  • Visual and interactive experience
  • Enables non-technical users to harness the power of big data
  • Excel-like user interface requires minimal training

Intelligent Ingest

Quickly ingest data from a variety of enterprise sources including complex semi-structure files such as XML or JSON. Paxata intelligently detects your data source type and transforms it into a tabular format easy for point-and-click interaction and profiling.

  • Interactive, Excel-like interface for immediate feedback and validation
  • Intelligent Ingest turns any semi-structured file into a tabular format


Intelligent Ingest
One Click Profile

One-Click Data Profile

With one click, Paxata profiles your entire dataset and generates a summary scorecard showing an assessment of its content and quality.

  • Myriad profiling functions: type distribution, field completeness, top/bottom values, leading/trailing patterns, min, max and range, special character analysis, custom calculations and regex


Inspect & Investigate

Paxata’s interactive, Excel-like interface allows you to search, explore and discover trends, outliers, and patterns across your entire data set (not just samples). Validate your data visually and and get immediate feedback.

  • Analysis of the entire data population, not samples
  • Filtergram visually profiles distribution of values

Inspect and Investigate

Curate, Transform, Remediate

Standardize similar values and misspellings, joins, appends, and overlaps across data sources with smart machine learning recommendations. Paxata self-documents your steps to create repeatability, auditing and governance.

  • Cluster&Edit standardizes similar values
  • Intellifusion uses algorithms to detect overlaps and similarities
  • Self-documenting step editor for repeatability and governance

Monitor and Publish

Catalog and share governed and trusted data sets. Publish data profile sets to downstream visualization tools to monitor the quality of your information.

  • Creating, tagging, and sharing governed and trusted AnswerSet
  • Publishes results to downstream tools: Tableau/Qlik/PowerBI/MicroStrategy

See Paxata in Action

Contact us to schedule a brief demo. And see Paxata’s unique approach to solving data quality problems.

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