Data Monetization

Accelerate Data Monetization With
Self-Service Data Prep

Data is the lifeblood for information service providers, but they must first grapple with disparate data sources and formats before they can deliver valuable insights to clients. Self-service data prep technology automates data collection and validation and improves data preparation and onboarding.

Take Your Data to
Market Fast

Use visual language, not code, to quickly profile, validate, and conform your customer, supplier, and third party data into a standard format.

Increase Data Quality with
Machine Learning

Use machine learning to find matches, joins, and misspellings in your data and create high quality data products and services.

Create Information
Services at Scale

Leverage multi-tenancy to extend across customers. Use self-documenting steps to onboard new data sets repeatedly and quickly.

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unilog Case Study

Unilog Case Study: Creating Information as a Service Offering for Over 3.5 Million Product SKUs

Paxata provided Unilog with a simple-to-use interface to access the underlying transactions for immediate data validation. Duplicate data identification that previously took 4 hours is now automated and done in 10 minutes.

How 5 Companies Monetized Their Data Assets With Paxata Self-Service Data Prep

Companies today are turning raw data from disparate sources and different formats into commercialized information assets. To accelerate this process, they are replacing traditional data prep techniques with self-service data preparation solutions.

This eBook describes how five companies accelerated their data monetization efforts with self-service data prep.

Accelerate Data Monetization With Paxata Self-Service Data Prep

Data is exploding and opportunities for companies to capitalize on data monetization are abundant. However, dealing with data from disparate sources creates a lengthy process.

This e-book explains how Paxata enables companies to replace cumbersome manual processes with automation and significantly reduce time to value.

Monetizing Big Data Webcast: Customer Case Study with Unilog

See how Unilog, a global technology company specializing in enterprise e-commerce solutions and product content services in the B2B marketplace, successfully monetized upstream manufacturing by enriching, cleaning and joining data needed by its customers – using Paxata’s data preparation solution.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Use Excel

While a powerful tool for creating light-weight analysis, charts, and graphs, Microsoft Excel was not purpose-built for enterprise data preparation.

This eBook highlights 10 data preparation scenarios where Excel’s limitations are especially glaring, and where Paxata’s self-service data prep solution provides a clearly superior alternative.

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