Transform program benefits

Paxata Transform offers an extensive range of partnership benefits designed to make partnering with Paxata fast, rewarding and exciting.

Some key benefit highlights:

  • Comprehensive Product Access
    • “Instant” access, free, non-production accounts on Paxata’s multi-tenant cloud
    • Unlimited non-production on-premise deployments
    • Deep discounts on partner production use instances
  • Rapid Training
    • Generous free training allowance for all new partners
    • Fast-track enablement packages
    • “Bring-your-own-data” Paxformation workshops
    • PaxPro certification
  • Agile Sale Enablement
    • Direct engagement with regional sales pods
    • Sales and pre-sales training
    • Access to an extensive demo library
  • Competitive Business Terms
    • Generous reseller margins and referral fees
    • Frictionless field engagement
  • Cutting-edge Marketing
    • Dedicated partner marketing support
    • Comprehensive social media promotion program
    • Joint solution website promotion
    • Capture the “Paxata” vibe by teaming with Paxata Marketing

For a complete list of program benefits, provide us with a few details about your interest and receive the Transform Partner program guide.

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