Application and Data Migration

Accelerate Application and Data Migration with Self-Service Data Preparation

Showing tangible business impact after an M&A event is critical. Integration and consolidation of enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) is not only required to operate the new entity, but can also serve as an opportunity to reduce costs as applications/platforms are retired. Application rationalization projects often requires significant levels of analysis prior to requirements being fully defined. This includes performing an overlap analysis of transactional datasets, conformance/alignment of reference data, mapping of entities to a go-forward model, and validation that application data was migrated correctly.

Paxata can accelerate data or application integration and consolidation efforts by driving high levels of collaboration across the organization, including business and technical stakeholders. This accelerates data discovery, data quality assessment and remediation, requirements definition, and data transformation timelines and associated cost savings.

Visually and Interactively Access
and Profile Complex Data Fast

Paxata Analytics

  • Smart algorithms discover and profile application data, SQL/NoSQL, Excel or complex files such as XML, JSON, Avro and Parquet
  • Access and interact with your data in an Excel-like interface
  • Powered by Apache Spark™ to handle large-scale interactive data prep

Intelligently Curate, Transform,
Remediate Data

  • Standardize similar values and misspellings, identify joins, appends, and overlaps across data sources with smart machine learning recommendations
  • Cluster&Edit standardizes similar values
  • Intellifusion uses algorithms to detect overlaps and similarities

Governed and

  • Self-documenting to create repeatability
  • End-to-end data lineage and traceability
  • Automation of repeatable jobs, centralized sharing and collaboration

7 Modern Data Projects that Demand Interactive Data Profiling

7 Modern Data Projects That Demand an Interactive Data Profiling Solution eBook

The emergence of new, modern data projects coincides with the arrival of a new, modern type of data profiling – interactive data profiling – capable of handling the sophisticated needs of today’s data projects.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Why emerging data projects need data profiling to take place in the hands of business people, not with IT
  • The benefits of interactive data profiling
  • 7 modern data projects examples where interactive data profiling is tailor-made

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