Southern California CDO Executive Summit @ Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City
Jun 7 all-day

Paxata is once again a sponsor of this year’s Southern California CDO Executive Summit being held on June 7, 2018. The Southern California CDO Executive Summit, built “by CDOs, for CDOs” creates an agenda that shows an understanding that there is ‘strength in numbers,’ and the challenges and opportunities faced by one organization are echoed across many. Through collaboration with peers, this conference enables us to take advantage of the power of exponential thought. At this meeting, best practices are shared and leadership skills are developed that will enhance your organizations’ ability to impact the local and global business climate.

Accelerate Value From Your Azure Data Lake with Self-Service Data Prep
Jun 13 @ 11:00 am – 11:30 am

A majority of big data initiatives fail to deliver business value. If you are getting started with building an enterprise data lake on Azure – or have an existing data lake – and want to ensure your business analysts can quickly and easily access and interact with your data, this webcast is a must.

Join us to understand how to accelerate value from your Azure data lake using self-service data preparation. You’ll learn the top techniques to turn raw data into ready information in a matter of hours, not months.

During this 30-minute webcast, designed for business intelligence, analytics, and IT architect professionals, our presenters will provide:

  • A set of steps for unlocking business value from your data lake and quickly deliver analytical insights
  • A brief demo showing the ease of use to empower analysts to interactively browse, explore, and prepare data in the data lake stores and utilize within Power BI

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Chief Data & Analytics Officer Singapore @ Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
Jul 24 – Jul 25 all-day

We look forward to meeting you at this year’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer Singapore – SE Asia’s leading event for the senior data analytics community to share their experiences of developing the infrastructure, ecosystem, culture and talent to enable data-based decision making and advance towards the smart enterprise.

DDAC 2018 – Disney Data and Analytics Conference @ Disney's Contemporary Resort
Aug 28 – Aug 29 all-day

Plan on visiting Paxata at Booth 213 when you attend this year’s DDAC 2018 – Disney’s annual Data and Analytics Conference being held August 28-29, 2018.

This Conference will provide you with the tools and training to integrate advanced decision-making techniques into business processes that center on the experience of your customers, clients, and guests. While the specific methods and integration may change from industry to industry, the science and techniques remain the same. We’re confident you’ll see examples of how data-based, analytical decisions work in all areas of business.

What’s New: Paxata Fall 2018 Release. Paxata’s Adaptive Workload Management
Aug 28 @ 11:00 am – 11:30 am

Paxata’s Adaptive Workload Management – new in Fall 2018 – is designed to give organizations the freedom of choice in right-sizing their data volumes for interactive data prep vs. repeated, batch workloads.

This release also provides an elastic resource allocation service on a number of orchestration frameworks including Kubernetes, Cloudera and Hortonworks YARN, Amazon EMR, and Microsoft Azure HDInsight, offering dynamic scaling of large data prep workloads across ephemeral clusters to lower cost and improve performance.

Join us for this 30 minute webcast to see a brief demo of our Fall 2018 release and learn how to:

  • Define your own interactive data size
  • Use progressive loading to jumpstart your data preparation
  • Dynamically allocate batch resources to lower costs
  • Accelerate your data prep projects with Paxata

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Webcast with Forrester: Accelerate Digital Transformation with Big Data Fabric
Sep 26 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Technology disruption such as distributed compute (Cloud), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence opens new worlds of digital transformation for enterprises across all industries. Data is at the heart of every one of these initiatives and provides the fuel for making every person, process, and system more intelligent and efficient. We have reached the tipping point where all businesses recognize they cannot compete in a digital age using analog-era legacy data solutions and architectures. The winners in the next phase of business will be those enterprises that obtain a clear handle on the foundations of modern data management fabric.

The modern big data fabric helps enterprise organization accelerate insights by automating ingestion, curation, discovery, preparation, and integration from data silos. According to Forrester, the benefits of investing in big data fabric are higher quality data and consistency, reduced IT costs, and greater agility to meet business demands. But it comes with some challenges.

Join Noel Yuhanna from Forrester and Paxata’s Nenshad Bardoliwalla as they discuss:

  • Latest trends, benefits, and use cases of big data fabric
  • Challenges enterprise organizations must overcome
  • How to deliver faster time-to-value with enterprise grade self-service big data fabric

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Atlanta Tech and Beer @ Sweetwater Brewing Company
Sep 27 all-day

Paxata is excited to partner with Pandera Systems for this month’s Tech and Beer Atlanta event. Join us on September 27th at 5:30 pm, as we kick off our first of many Tech and Beer events in Atlanta. TAB is a platform for like-minded tech professionals, business owners, startups and investors to connect, collaborate and get inspired to drive innovation.

In addition to some great networking, there will be complimentary food and drinks for our attendees because we will be picking up the TAB thanks to Pandera and our great sponsors.

The event will be hosted at the Woodlands at Sweetwater Brewing Company located at 195 Ottley NE Atlanta. If you have not had the pleasure of tasting some of their beer then you must take this opportunity to check out some of their exclusive brews. Spots are limited so be sure to RSVP.

We look forward to a great event and connecting with everybody. Learn more about TAB here by visiting our website:

Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2018 @ The Seaport Hotel & World Trade Centre
Oct 8 – Oct 11 all-day

Paxata is excited to sponsor the upcoming Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2018 returning to Boston, 8-11 October, where we will explore how you as an analytics leader can drive innovation within your business, build a cross-function analytical culture and learn how to generate value whilst looking to the future of analytics; artificial intelligence and machine learning.

2018 Highlights:

  • Three sector-specific pre-conference focus days exploring analytics in Financial ServicesInsuranceand Healthcare.
  • Three dinner masterclasses examining how to build a culture of data within your business, incorporating business experiments into an efficient strategy and practical machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence post-conference focus day – join us as we highlight the fact from the fiction and discuss the idea of a framework for regulating AI and ML whilst looking at the present and beyond.
[Webcast] Prepare Your Machine Learning Data Four Times Faster
Nov 8 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

On average, eight out of every ten hours spent on analytics and data science projects goes into discovering, cleaning, and shaping data instead of using that data to find actionable insights. In this webinar, learn how Paxata, an AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) accelerate the data preparation parts of any data-centric projects.

Discover how Paxata Self-Service Data Prep for AWS delivers a visual and intuitive data preparation experience for data analysts, data scientists, and business subject matter experts to help them explore, profile, and transform data for analytics. You’ll hear how Paxata’s built-in machine learning algorithms identify joins, overlaps, and anomalies that clean and match data to accelerate data preparation for analytics projects.

Join our webinar to learn

  • Reduce data preparation from 80% of a project’s time to 20%.
  • Accelerate data science and analytics projects.
  • Leverage built-in machine learning algorithms to clean and shape data for your data science initiatives.

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Forrester Data Strategy & Insights 2018 @ JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes
Dec 4 – Dec 5 all-day

Paxata is excited to be a sponsor of Forrester’s upcoming Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Conference. This year’s conference will focus on how to expand your existing data strategy — from the refinement of customer experience and operational processes to the new business opportunities that deep data analysis can deliver.

If you are attending this event, be sure to stop by the Paxata booth and learn how you can get a custom demo or free trial.

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