Muting, Reordering and Removing a Step on your Paxata Project:

July 12, 2018

Once you build a Paxata Project you may  find a few project steps that might be excessive or unnecessary. Muting a step and removing a step work together in this case.

A user can mute a step to make sure no other steps break before deciding to remove the step.

To mute a Paxata Project step click on the eye icon seen on the left hand side of the step (See image below).  The eye icon will only show up in non-edit mode.
Once you mute a step it will look like this:
Once you have decided its safe to remove a step from the project, use these instructions to delete it
Step 1: Go into edit mode in your Paxata step editor.

Step 2: Hover over the step you want to delete and you would see the delete button show on the left hand side of the Project step itself.
Step 3: Click on the save button once you remove the project step.

While building a Paxata Project, users may find the need to reorder project steps in order to fix errors or to optimize the Paxata project.  Reordering a Paxata step can be done by following these steps:

Step 1: Go into edit mode in your Paxata step editor.

Step 2: Click on the step you want to move and drag it either up/down to reorder the step.


Note: These three functions are independent of each other and can be executed separately.

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