How Easy is Extremely Easy – Paxata + Amazon Connect

March 28, 2017

How Easy is Extremely Easy – Paxata + Amazon Connect

Paxata Makes Customer 360 and Customer Insight Analytics with Amazon Connect Easy

Contributing author: Rik Tamm-Daniels, VP of Technology and Partnerships

We at Paxata are proud to be a long-standing member of the Amazon AWS partner family and excited to be part of the Amazon Connect launch!  In true Amazon fashion, Amazon is disrupting another long-standing industry with both a mature product offer and market-optimized pricing.

Paxata, as a launch partner, has integrated with Amazon Connect to enable Amazon Connect customers to easily access and prepare their Connect data for analytics without coding or scripting.

So what does this mean for Amazon Connect customers?  

How you interact with your customers is critical information for customer 360 analytics and omni-channel analytics, but this kind of analysis doesn’t just involve data from your contact management system.  Let’s say you want to take your contact data and combine it with customer data in your CRM system, customer survey results or transactional data for analytics. Paxata makes it extremely easy for a business user, without coding or scripting to visually access Amazon Connect and other data sources and then makes smart recommendations as to how to blend these data sets together that dramatically shorten the time to integrate data.

But integration of data is just the tip of the iceberg, how do you know if you have good data or bad data, what happens if you need to aggregate data, deduplicate data or shape data for analysis? Paxata has you covered here as well with smart, visual tools for data cleansing, data shaping and enrichment.

How easy is “Extremely Easy”?

Don’t take my word for it, check out the below videos to see how easy it is to work with Paxata and Amazon Connect:


Using Paxata with Amazon Connect
Paxata in-depth functional demo

How does Paxata work with Amazon Connect?

Paxata, as a seamless data-lake-in-the-cloud service, works with Amazon Connect like it does with so many other AWS services by accessing and writing data via Paxata’s visual S3 connector. This model means that data can rapidly be collected in S3, accessed and prepared by Paxata users and then clean, contextual, ready-to-analyze datasets can be exported to S3 and accessed by a wide range of analytic tools based on your specific use case(s). The below diagram highlights the data flow from Amazon Connect to Paxata to Analytic destinations of your choice.

I love it! How do I get started?

Getting started with Paxata and Amazon Connect is also very easy.

  • To try Paxata Cloud in AWS, visit our Marketplace listing to request a trial, click here.


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