Agile Analytics

Interactively Prepare Data for Agile Business Intelligence and Analytics
With Clicks. Not Code.

Eighty percent of effort for ad hoc business intelligence (BI) initiatives are spent on finding and preparing data and only 20% is spent on the actual visualization and insight development. Empowering BI users to find, profile, clean, enrich, shape and share data and publish the results into their preferred BI tool substantially reduces reliance on scarce technical resources and speed up delivery of ready information to support business decisions.

Visual, Interactive and
Intelligent User Experience

Paxata Analytics

  • Interactive, Excel-like interface
  • Visual profiling and transformations
  • Smart algorithms to detect structure, joins and overlaps

All Data,
Not Samples


  • Powered by Apache Spark™ to handle large-scale interactive data prep
  • Get quality data in your first iteration
  • Intelligently ingests and detects data source type and formats

Collaborate and Publish
Results to your Favorite BI Tool


  • Centralized sharing and collaboration
  • Publish results to Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, Microsoft PowerBI
  • ClickToPrep provide direct data lineage viewing from your BI tool

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Self-Service Data Prep to Accelerate MicroStrategy Analytics

By: Kumar Jayaram

Data in a multi-cloud hybrid world

Traditional data analytics environments were built on the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) usually running in some relational database like Teradata, Microsoft, or Oracle. While those still exist, there are many more sources that analysts need to get access to in order to perform the kinds of analytics required.

Linking to Paxata data lineage from BI tools using ClicktoPrep

VALUE: When presenting your analysis you may hear: “How did you come up with this result?” or “Why does the data look like this?” or the dreaded “Your numbers don’t reconcile with mine…”. Paxata’s ClicktoPrep feature allows you to answer such questions quickly.

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