Data Lake Value Acceleration

Accelerate Business Value From Your Cloud
Data Lake with Self-Service Data Preparation

Data lakes on premises and the cloud continue to grow at an exponential pace but few deliver the desired business results. Traditional developer tools and approaches cannot keep pace with business demand for agile, exploratory analytics. Paxata’s enterprise self-service data preparation solution empowers business users to easily find, profile, clean, enrich and shape data in a visual, interactive manner with zero coding required. Paxata uniquely reduces the complexity of the data lake and accelerates business value.

Interactive and Intelligent


  • Interactive, Excel-like interface
  • Visual profiling and transformations
  • Smart algorithms to detect structure, joins and overlaps

All Data, Not Samples


  • Powered by Apache Spark™ designed for large-scale interactive data prep
  • Get quality data in your first iteration
  • Intelligently ingests and detects data source type and formats

Governed and Collaborative


  • Self-documenting to create repeatability
  • Data lineage and traceability
  • Centralized sharing and collaboration

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A 7 Step Journey to Building Successful Data Lakes

When leveraged properly, data lakes can be valuable tools for achieving business objectives. To create successful data lakes, data and analytics leaders must develop the right strategies for data acquisition, prototyping, insight development, adoption, ongoing governance, and monetization.

This eBook for is a best practices guide for creating successful opportunities with data lakes.

Data Lakes eBook

Webcast: Accelerate Value from Your Azure Data Lake with Self-Service Data Prep

View this 30-minute on-demand webcast to understand how to accelerate value from your Azure data lake using self-service data preparation. You’ll learn how to get value from your data in a matter of hours, not months.

Paxata Self-Service Data Preparation Solution on Microsoft Azure

With Paxata Self-Service Data Preparation running on Microsoft Azure, businesses can empower their business analysts and subject matter experts—those most familiar with the context of data—to interact and prepare data without IT support. They can work with data from any source, including data from Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Blob Storage. They can publish it anywhere, including Microsoft Power BI, in hours, versus the weeks or months it would take with a traditional process.

Paxata | Microsoft Solution Brief

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