Together, We’re Making Data Into Factual Insights

Vertical Solutions

Data Service Providers

Leading data service providers change the economics of their data business with Paxata
Actionable information is the lifeblood of your business. Whether you work with client-provided data or third party sources, you have built a successful business of understanding and delivering insight to your customers. Yet, you – and they – need more.

Only Paxata empowers you to bring raw data together, prepare it for analysis and turn it into differentiated products and create competitive advantage. Incorporate more data into your offerings, answer new questions for your customers, and make data work for you with Paxata’s modern information platform.

Paxata and Data Service Providers

Financial Services

Top three financial firms use Paxata for customer-centricity, digital transformation and regulatory compliance
Confronted with unprecedented change, financial firms are increasingly adopting Paxata to master all their data assets and drive insight discovery. Give your business the information-edge with Paxata’s enterprise-grade self-service data preparation system to support the on-demand and ad-hoc business data need for analytics, operations, and regulatory requirements. Bring dispersed raw data together and turn it into meaningful information with machine learning, governance, security and scalability to tackle high-impact use cases such as customer experience, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention and AML, investigations, and marketing effectiveness.


Re-inventing insurance with new information sources
Insurance firms struggle with traditional actuarial statistical and financial models that are too generic, do not take behavioral insights into account and do not accurately price risk. The result is financial losses or missed revenue opportunities due to misaligned underwriting guidelines. Paxata’s modern information platform enables insurers to accurately price risk and improve underwriting guidelines through access to new sources of external data such as social media and geolocation. Only Paxata empowers insurers to augments traditional actuarial models with behavioral insights to accurately price risk and reduce fraud, waste and abuse.

Paxata Insurance
Paxata and Retail


Leading retailers use Paxata to drive customer-centricity
Leading retailers use Paxata to turn raw data into connected information to fuel critical business initiatives: driving customer loyalty and customer lifetime value, predicting customer demand, identifying market segments, increasing accuracy of marketing campaigns, managing inventory and streamlining distribution networks to avoid, overstocks, stock-out or inventory spoilage. Paxata makes it intuitive, simple and fast for retailers to uncover demand trends, run promotions, and collaborate across the value chain.


Global healthcare firms rely on Paxata to innovate and keep the world healthy
Faced with significant regulations, rising costs of an aging population, and complex data standards healthcare firms are adopting Paxata to intelligently harness disparate data in a secure, governed, and interactive environment. Paxata’s enterprise-grade security, uncompromising scale, and intelligent algorithms enable healthcare professionals to turn disparate data into high quality information for data-driven insights. Bring raw, complicated healthcare data together to create complete, accurate, and timely information and optimize inventory, efficiently onboard and process insurance claims, deliver high quality and personalized outcome-based care, prevent fraud, waste and abuse, and effectively conduct clinical trials to keep the world healthy.

Paxata and the Public Sector

Public Sector

Achieving the mission objectives with Paxata
Public sector organizations are constantly being pushed to modernize their data management practices to operationalize, digitize, and automate their processes. Across federal agencies, data quality initiatives rely on Paxata to provide a collaborative, governed, secure, and interactive environment to explore and relate data on a modern and intelligent platform, scaling and reacting to the needs of every analyst and administrator. With the Paxata platform, data workers can confidently detect outliers and trends without compromise.

High Tech

High Tech firms shine light on dark data with Paxata
Innovative high tech firms rely on Paxata to intelligently process the massive scale of logged events, web interactions, and data from devices, services, and systems and deliver the best possible product to their customers. Paxata’s powerful data integration, data quality, and data exploration capabilities enables analysts to collaborate on billions of records of otherwise dark data in enterprise data lakes across distributed Hadoop environments to reduce lag in root cause analysis and reduce turnaround time in resolving critical customer issues.

Paxata and High Tech


Leading service providers make profitable connections with Paxata
Trends like the hyper-connected consumer, digitization and mobile are fundamentally transforming service provides. They need to quickly master the vast troves of data across consumers, devices, network and social media to deliver customer-centric products and services. Only Paxata delivers the scale and intelligence needed to gather, explore, prepare and provision the massive volume, variety, and velocity of data. Leading service providers use Paxata to quickly turn dispersed raw data into actionable information and drive customer intimacy, reduce churn, offer new products and services, optimize network performance and reduce cost.

Industry Topics

Consumer Experience

Top firms use Paxata to deliver outstanding omni-channel customer experiences
It costs five to ten times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. Two thirds of your business comes from existing customers making customers your biggest asset. Only Paxata turns dispersed, raw customer data into meaningful information helping you understand customer behavior and deliver outstanding customer experiences. Build a customer 360-degree view, deliver Omni-channel customer experiences and outsmart your competition with a customer-centric culture enabled by Paxata.

Paxata and Customer Experience

Supply Chain optimization

Leading firms use Paxata to make the right information available to the right people at the right time and keep the supply chain humming
Global firms look to Paxata to increase visibility across global supply chains, streamline the flow of goods and services, and enable uninterrupted commerce. Paxata’s intelligent information platform enables analysts to orchestrate data across a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to stay on top of changing consumer preferences, predict customer demand, streamline distribution networks, and manage inventory to prevent stock-out, overstocks, or inventory spoilage. Create actionable information out of dispersed production, inventory, shipment, POS, traffic and weather data to proactively address interruptions and ensure frictionless commerce.


Enabling smart IoT systems with Paxata
Internet of Things presents tremendous opportunities for firms to understand the interaction between customers, machines, systems, and processes and offer innovate product and services. Gathering, processing and distributing data in a timely manner at scale is central to firms profiting with IoT. Only Paxata delivers the modern information platform to automatically turn vast troves of dispersed IoT data into meaningful information. Paxata helps firms to sense, understand and respond with IoT data in real time making use cases such as smart cities, smart machines and smart systems a reality.

Paxata with Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

Leading firms minimize risk and maximize compliance with Paxata
Finance, healthcare and public sector firms are subjected to heavy scrutiny, oversight and regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering, CCAR, Dodd-Frank, Know Your Customer (KYC), and HIPAA. Non-compliance is expensive resulting in tarnished brand reputation and billions in fines and penalties. Firms need accurate, trustworthy and timely information from disparate internal and external sources for investigative analytics to uncover and address risk and compliance. Only Paxata leverages machine learning and governance to automate the data collection, preparation and distribution process making it easier, simpler, faster and cost-effective for risk and compliance professionals to discover, address and prevent risk and compliance issues.

Security and Governance

Leading firms rely on Paxata for secure and trustworthy information
Enterprises need accurate and trustworthy information to confidently derive business value from all their data assets. Only Paxata balances the freedom and flexibility of data access with governance and security to deliver accurate information for data-driven decisions. Paxata tracks every action taken within the platform with full replay (see what the data looked like at every step), reusability (apply previous data preparation steps to new data sets) and reordering (take the same data preparation steps but in a different sequence). Enterprise security features like LDAP, SSO, Kerberos, multi-layer authorization, auditing, and usage tracking deliver trusted information for every business scenario.

Paxata Security and Governance