Take Advantage of Your Entire Data Network

Insight-driven enterprises need to access disparate personal, proprietary, public and premium data to power better, smarter, and faster business decisions. However, accessing the wide variety of data sources remains challenging due to the sheer number, types, data and file formats.

Paxata provides the solution with the first data source agnostic, visually-rich, fully governed connectivity solution designed to balance business’s need for flexible information access with IT’s need for governance, control and security. Paxata’s connectivity solution delivers pre-built connectors and an extensible connectivity framework to gather and publish data across enterprise and cloud systems.


Ubiquitous, data source agnostic connectivity to enterprise and cloud systems such as Hadoop, database, flat files, business applications, 3rd-party, local and cloud systems.


Business self-service with “first eyes on data” to visually explore, profile and discover data across any source for faster time to value


Open APIs to build new standards-based, secure, visual, interactive connectors


Auditing, versioning, logging, tracking and separate runtime for new connectors ensures compliance and no restarts or disruptions

Self-Service Enablement

Certification program for developers, partners and customers to learn new skills and build new certified connectors

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