Paxata Accelerates Asia-First Strategy, Forms Strategic Partnership with K.K. Ashisuto Japan

August 29, 2016

K.K. Ashisuto to Serve as Master Distributor of Paxata Data Preparation Platform in Japan

Redwood City, Calif. – Aug 29, 2016 – Paxata, provider of the only enterprise-grade self-service data preparation platform, today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with K.K. Ashisuto where they will serve as the master distributor of Paxata in the Japanese market. This partnership will play a critical role in the success of transforming data into information ready for analysis, visualization, and consumption within the manufacturing, retail, financial services and healthcare industries in Japan.

“K.K. Ashisuto is pleased to announce that we will begin offering the Paxata Data Preparation Solution to the Japanese market. Data-driven management, which has been receiving a great deal of attention recently, requires processing of data from various internal and external sources into a form that users themselves can easily analyze by developing platforms that enable connectivity with BI and other tools,” said Tatsuo Otsuka, President of K.K. Ashisuto. “We believe that the revolutionary technology of Paxata meets this requirement while improving productivity and creating new value for business users. Through our strong partnership with Paxata, Ashisuto K.K. intends to continue contributing to our client’s success by providing advanced solutions and the know-how we have cultivated through many years of information utilization experience.”

“As Paxata rapidly grows into becoming the global leader in enterprise grade self-service data preparation, Japan is at the forefront of our expansion initiatives. Choosing K.K. Ashisuto to be Paxata’s master distributor in Japan adds to our already successful international growth plan,” said Prakash Nanduri, founder and CEO of Paxata. “K.K. Ashisuto pioneered the business of distributed information management, information usage and system control software in Japan and was responsible for bringing Oracle and Qlik successfully into the Japanese market. Likewise, Paxata pioneered the data preparation category with the release of the first enterprise grade, self-service data preparation platform powered by Paxata’s own Spark innovation and machine learning that was built from the ground up to be entirely extensible and localized, making it much easier for Ashisuto to rapidly take Paxata into the Japanese market.”

Japan Looks to Advanced Technologies to Remain a Global Leader
As Japan looks to double its labor productivity rate by 2025 to retain its current global standing as the world’s third largest economy and fourth largest exporter, the country has seen the need to make strategic investments in advanced technologies. The objective for Japan is to overcome critical challenges, including a drop (4% to 7%) in global trade participation over the past 15 years and an ageing workforce. Japan is focusing on four major industry sectors – manufacturing, retail, financial services and healthcare – where advanced technologies, that rely heavily on data and analytics, can help achieve these objectives. The partnership with K.K. Ashisuto will focus on increasing adoption of Paxata’s data preparation platform across these key industries in order to help transform data into information ready for analysis, visualization, and consumption and provide new ways to drive efficiencies in processes.

Big Data and IoT Advancements Require Data Preparation Solutions
Japan is also experiencing a significant confluence of big data and IoT in advanced manufacturing and retail, which in turn is driving the need for data preparation solutions. These industries are increasingly looking across operational areas such as sourcing, procurement, revenue management, and product sensors and combining a variety of data sources to improve logistics, inventory management, resourcing forecasting and sales. Paxata is uniquely qualified to sit at the nexus of this juncture to gather, understand, consolidate, and cleanse data quickly and at scale to meet the information demands of next-generation operations and decision making.

Driving Productivity, Growth and Optimization in Financial Services and Healthcare
Japan’s financial services sector is the third largest in the world, managing over $11 Trillion in assets, and the focus is now on increasing productivity and growth. Data preparation will play a key role in driving key initiatives such as launching new financial products, monitoring risk and maximizing customer value via new segmentation techniques. With this new partnership, K.K. Ashisuto will gain access to Paxata’s extensive experience in helping financial institutions, including the top three banks in the US, reap the benefits from better compliance, customer service, and risk management.

Likewise, Japan’s healthcare sector is a source of national pride, since it provides universal access to quality healthcare, while holding spend at around 8% of GDP (compared to nearly 18% of GDP in the US). Sustaining this is a top priority especially in the context of an ageing population. Both the government and the providers are focusing heavily on data-driven metrics such as utilization rates, length of stays in hospitals, generic drug usage and so forth to drive optimization. This requires integration of highly varied data sets from clinical data aggregated from EMRs, patient ratings data and billing data and driving interoperability for data sets across different providers. The need for data preparation technologies in this regard is proving vital and the partnership between K.K Ashisuto and Paxata will revolutionize the transformation of data into information and help Japan remain a global leader for generations to come.

About Paxata
Paxata provides an Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform for the enterprise. Paxata’s platform provides an interactive, analyst-centric data prep experience powered by a unified set of technologies designed from the ground up for comprehensive data integration, data quality, semantic enrichment, collaboration and governance. Information-driven organizations who want to make data worth analyzing use Paxata to explore, clean, shape, and combine all the data they need into rich AnswerSets™ which power ad hoc, operational, predictive and packaged analytics.

Paxata’s platform, built on Apache Spark and optimized to run in Hadoop environments, leverages distributed computing, machine learning and a dynamically visual workspace that promotes transparent governance and ad hoc collaboration. Paxata data prep, powered by IntelliFusion™, is designed to eliminate the need for coding, scripting and sampling. The solution is available as a service, and can be deployed in AWS virtual private clouds or within Hadoop environments at customer sites.

Paxata is headquartered in Redwood City with offices in New York, Ohio and Washington DC. Visit, follow @Paxata, connect on, follow us at and watch us on

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