Paxata Spring 2018 Release

Paxata Adds Apache SparkTM-based Data Onboarding, One-Click Profiling, and Next Gen Multi-Tenancy

Spring 2018 Release further extends Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform to offer an accelerated data onboarding experience, better data quality capabilities, and advanced multi-tenancy features designed for globally distributed organizations.

Spark-based Ingest

  • High-speed, enterprise scale data ingest
  • Uses Spark parallel engine
  • 5X speed, built for massive data sets

Rapid Data Profiling

  • One-click profile to create a scorecard
  • Detects fuzzy matches, data type distribution, string patterns, custom calculations, and more

Advanced Multi-Tenancy

  • Enables broader collaboration
  • Ensures business continuity
  • Empowers OEM / Reseller scenarios

Apache Spark-based Ingest

Paxata’s new Spark-based ingest completely revolutionizes data import operations, delivering a 5X in speed and agility. Paxata has created this new capability in response to its enterprise customers and use cases. Some examples include IoT use cases where customers are looking to ingest and analyze hundreds of millions of records from devices or system log data.

Apache Spark Ingest

Rapid Data Profiling

Paxata addresses the most time-consuming part of data quality projects by providing an intuitive, one-click scorecard for business users to onboard, profile, and detect the quality of their data. With one-click, Paxata profiles your entire dataset and generates a detailed scorecard showing an assessment of its data’s content and quality. Learn more

Advanced Multi-Tenancy

Extending its existing multi-tenant architecture, Paxata is now able to offer broader collaboration across enterprise settings such as multi-region, and multi-department scenarios. Paxata’s new multi-tenancy capabilities also simplifies administration for consultants, OEMs, and resellers that provide data services to their customers.

Advanced Multi Tenancy

“As a Paxata customer for the past two years, we have successfully accelerated our ability to provide valuable information to our customers through the combination of the solution’s interactive data preparation capabilities along with its rich REST API’s. Based on our experience using the beta of Spring ‘18 release, we believe the new one-click profiling, Spark-based ingest, and advanced multi-tenancy bring a new level of enterprise capabilities to the entire data prep process, giving us speed and agility, and opening up a host of new use cases.”

Mark Beening
Director, Epsilon


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