Financial Crimes Compliance

Democratize Information to Speed Up Financial Crimes Compliance Reporting Time

Financial institutions face unrelenting pressure to comply with global regulations. Modern organizations realize that traditional information management approaches are insufficient and are putting self-service data prep technology into the hands of business users to accelerate fraud detection and compliance reporting.

Accelerate Compliance Reporting Cycles

Go from months to minute with a self-service tool that automates compliance reporting, yet offers lineage and data governance.

Enable Business Users to Interact with Data at Speed

Offer subject matter experts the ability to transform financial compliance data into information at interactive speeds.

Increase Data Accuracy with Machine Learning

Instead of solely relying on pre-defined rules, let machine learning help you identify data quality issues and suggest recommendations.

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Demo

Watch this demo to see how Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform transforms raw data into information to support a timely and accurate AML investigation.


A Winning Combination: The Power of Big Data and the Democracy of Information

The scale and complexity of data—and the prolonged back and forth between business and IT to create data transformation routines—prompted the bank to invest in automation, machine learning, and self-service data prep technologies. Santhosh Mahendiran explains how Standard Chartered Bank used Paxata, to create a global view of its customer list, detect fraud, identify transactions made by politically exposed parties, and automate its regulatory compliance reporting.

7 Financial Service Initiatives Where Self-Service Data Prep is a Must

Read about seven initiatives where financial institutions are leveraging enterprise self-service data prep technology to speed their time-to-value and boost agility across different lines of the business.

Paxata FIMA Report

Charting the Maturity of the Data Practice as a Driver of Business Transformation

See the results of a FIMA-Paxata benchmark study examining how financial data management and governance are progressing as disciplines, and the emergence of self-service technologies that are reshaping these disciplines.

FIMA Benchmark Survey Results: See Where You (And Your Data) Stand in Financial Services Compliance Reporting

The former Chief Data Officer at Citi joins Paxata for a discussion about the tools, techniques, and best practices that financial institutions are utilizing to accelerate their financial crimes compliance initiatives.

April 12, 2018

Another Anti-Money Laundering Fine: Time to Rethink the Process

By Farnaz Erfan

We continue to see vivid examples that demonstrate the importance of complying with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations – and the severe consequences that can transpire for failing to do so.

In unfortunate news, the seventh-largest bank in the United States was recently charged by federal authorities for neglecting AML rules. Federal prosecutors reached an agreement with the bank... Read More

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