Paxata Fall 2018 Release

Adaptive Workload Management for Enterprise Big Data 

Paxata’s Adaptive Workload Management is designed to give organizations the freedom of choice in right-sizing data volumes for interactive data prep vs. repeated, batch workloads. As enterprise data grows in scale and business urgency increases, the amount of data available for interactive data prep at speed should never be a product hard limit.

It’s your choice!

Define Your
Interactive Window

  • Set the interactive data size to fit your use case
  • Use progressive loading to jumpstart
  • Gain the fastest interactive experience powered by Apache SparkTM

Dynamically Allocate
Resources for Batch

Paxata Accelerate

  • Use the industry’s only Kubernetes-based data prep engine
  • Boost performance at lower costs using ephemeral clusters

and Adapt

  • Configure interactive data size per tenant
  • Adjust to real-world scenarios
  • Change by day, by use case, by end user

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Paxata Announces the First Apache SparkTM-Powered Data Preparation Runtime Fabric with Native Kurbernetes Support

Paxata’s latest release includes a new Adaptive Workload Management capability which delivers an elastic resource allocation service on a number of orchestration frameworks, including Kubernetes, Apache Hadoop YARN, Amazon EMR, and Microsoft Azure HDInsight. The new offering also enables dynamic scaling of large data prep workloads across ephemeral clusters to lower cost and improve performance.

Apache Spark Ingest

Balance your Data Prep Cost Versus Performance With Adaptive Workload Management 

For many organizations the thirst for better and faster data to support business decisions cannot be quenched with traditional IT centric data integration tools and Excel or BI tools all short and lack critical capabilities. A self-service data preparation application that empowers business analysts and data scientists with a visual, interactive experience to find, prep, and publish data by themselves is a must have. However, many data prep tools, while easy enough to use, fall short when it comes to working with large volumes of data.

Tame Your Big Data Monster with Paxata Interactive Data Prep

With the volume and number of data sources increasing, your big data has become monstrous. Paxata helps you tame the big data monster, to prep the data you need to analyze. How? By making all of your data – every single row – available to you with a new feature called interactive mode. Paxata gives you the power to work faster on a portion of your data, a portion size you determine is right for the project you need.

“With this release, and Paxata’s elastic resource allocation, we can dynamically scale our data preparation workloads, increase our visibility of current and historical data and improve our overall efficiency. This, in addition to having the flexibility to define our own interactive data volumes, will help us manage our enterprise requirements effectively.”

Byron Hernandez
Data Analyst II, Cox Automotive


“Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) has the unique ability to support high performance containerized workloads, elastic scaling and portability across diverse cloud environments, which makes it an ideal orchestrator to standardize on. We believe Paxata’s move to support AKS for dynamically scaling large data prep workloads across shared, ephemeral clusters will result in customers benefiting from optimized performance, cost, and portability.”

John ‘JG’ Chirapurath
General Manager, Azure Data & Artificial Intelligence


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