Information Inspired Business

An Information Inspired Business is a business that sees beyond data driven. Data is everywhere, but information is nowhere. What sets these Information Inspired Businesses apart, is that they are able to use ready information to make decisions, get results, look at historical trends or predict future events, and direct their business based on information at their fingertips.

By using Paxata, a business’ data sources can be assembled with machine learning algorithms automatically into an information fabric through the power of machine learning with the Adaptive Information Platform to deliver information at the speed of thought to all business consumers.  The ability to do this gives these businesses a unique competitive advantage in their markets.

Data-Driven or Inspiration Inspired By Prakash Nanduri, Co-Founder and CEO Paxata

The Information Inspired Business White Paper

The game has changed. It’s time to stop trying to be data-driven and start empowering your business to be an Information Inspired Business. Use the power of information to gain a unique competitive advantage in your market.

Download our white paper to learn how your business can become Information Inspired.

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