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Paxata’s Self-Service Data Preparation solution is purpose-built to give business users and data analysts the ability to explore, profile, and transform data in a dynamically visual and interactive way. Start your free 14-day trial today. Trials are available for North America only.


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Get Started Videos

Introduction to Paxata

View this brief video for an introduction to the major concepts and flow of Paxata’s Self-Service Data Preparation solution.

Paxata Project Overview

In this video, you will be introduced to the major concepts used to prep your data in a Paxata Project.

Rapid Data Profiling

Here’s an introduction to Paxata’s Rapid Data Profiling product. This video highlights our one-click profile feature that provides information about your data so you can assess the quality and usability of your data before you begin analytics.

See Paxata in Action

Contact us to schedule a brief demo. And see Paxata’s unique approach to intelligently transform raw data into ready information.

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