Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Simplifying Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the EU, but the impact apply to most organizations globally. Staying and proving you are in compliance with the core tenets of GDPR relating to personal information collected, where is it stored, who had access to this and who made copies is not an easy task. Paxata’s enterprise grade self-service data preparation solution can play a critical role in enabling business self-service analytics, while ensuring enterprise governance and compliance.

Governed Self-Service Data Prep

Business users can easily find, profile, enrich,  and shape data for analytical needs at scale with full enterprise governance and security.

Centralized Governed Data Catalog

Centralized library for cataloging and sharing data with full search, tagging, collaboration and access controls to protect information assets.

End to End Lineage and Traceability

Bi-directional lineage to trace how data was acquired.

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10 Hard Questions to Make Choosing Your Self-Service Data Prep Easy

Read the ten business scenarios and use cases to guide you in selecting the self-service data prep solution that best fits your organization’s specific needs and requirements.

The Forrester WaveTM: Big Data Fabric, Q2 2108

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Paxata Adaptive Information Platform Overview

Paxata Adaptive Information Platform™ delivers accessible and secure information for everyone.

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