Webcast with Forrester: Accelerate Digital Transformation with Big Data Fabric

September 26, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone

Technology disruption such as distributed compute (Cloud), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence opens new worlds of digital transformation for enterprises across all industries. Data is at the heart of every one of these initiatives and provides the fuel for making every person, process, and system more intelligent and efficient. We have reached the tipping point where all businesses recognize they cannot compete in a digital age using analog-era legacy data solutions and architectures. The winners in the next phase of business will be those enterprises that obtain a clear handle on the foundations of modern data management fabric.

The modern big data fabric helps enterprise organization accelerate insights by automating ingestion, curation, discovery, preparation, and integration from data silos. According to Forrester, the benefits of investing in big data fabric are higher quality data and consistency, reduced IT costs, and greater agility to meet business demands. But it comes with some challenges.

Join Noel Yuhanna from Forrester and Paxata’s Nenshad Bardoliwalla as they discuss:

  • Latest trends, benefits, and use cases of big data fabric
  • Challenges enterprise organizations must overcome
  • How to deliver faster time-to-value with enterprise grade self-service big data fabric

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