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Spend Less Time Preparing, And More Time Analyzing

The scale and complexity of data is outgrowing your existing tools. Use Paxata Self-Service Data Prep to combine massive, disparate, and mixed-structure datasets with clicks, not code. Collaborate around a centralized set of data transformation steps and publish your collective work to a variety of downstream analytic applications.


Prepare Your Data with Clicks,
Not Code

  • Interactive, Excel-like interface
  • Visual profiling and transformations
  • Smart algorithms to detect joins and overlaps

Interact with the Entire Data,
Not Samples

  • Industry’s only interactive data prep for large volume data
  • Grouping and standardizing data values
  • Quality data on the first iteration

Automate Data Collection
& Sharing

  • Auto-record to create repeatability and reuse
  • Centralized catalog and sharing
  • Scheduling and publishing to dashboards

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Top Reasons

Top Reasons Why Excel is not Suitable for Data Preparation in the Enterprise

Do you have your business users wasting lots of time struggling with Excel – using filters, creating pivot tables, writing VLOOKUPS, creating complex formulas?

View these assets to learn where Excel’s limitations are especially glaring, and where Paxata’s Self-Service Data Prep solution provides a clearly superior alternative.

The Forrester WaveTM: Data Preparation Tools, Q1 2017

In Forrester’s 21-criteria evaluation of data preparation tool providers, they identified, researched, analyzed, and scored them on set criteria. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps business analysts and data management leaders make an informed choice.

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Case Study: Unilog

Unilog Case Study: Creating Information as a Service Offering for Over 3.5 Million Product SKUs

Paxata provided Unilog with a simple-to-use interface to access the underlying transactions for immediate data validation. Duplicate data identification that previously took 4 hours is now automated and done in 10 minutes.

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