Searching for a Value, across columns in a Paxata project using Depivot

July 9, 2018

When dealing with very wide datasets, analysts spend a lot of time searching for a value without knowing which column has that value. In Paxata, there is a pretty simple way for the user to find this value, provided the dataset is not too big!

Use the following steps in Paxata to search for a value across columns:
Step 1:Start with the dataset in which you want to search for a specific value.
Step 2:Use the Auto Number feature to create a serial number column. (this is going to serve as an anchor in the Depivot step to come)
Step 3:Use the Shape tool to invoke the Shaping editor
Step 4:At the top of the shaping editor choose Depivot
Step 5:Use the serial number column under row labels and the rest of the column names under values
Step 6:Click on the Data type icon next on the column Values to pull up a filtergram
Step 7: Use the search icon on the filtergram to search for the desired value

With this technique, looking for a specific value on your Dataset becomes so much easier!

Note: This process might not work optimally for very large datasets as Depivoting large datasets may exceed row limits.


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