Data is the “D” in Digital Transformation

July 19, 2018

By: Nenshad Bardoliwalla

The exponential growth of data underlying the strategic imperative of enterprise digital transformation has created new business opportunities along with tremendous challenges.

Today, we see organizations of all shapes and sizes embarking on digital transformation.  As uncovered in Corinium Digital’s research, the primary drivers of digital transformation are those businesses focused on addressing rising customer expectations and implementing efficient internal processes.  

Data is at the heart of this transformation and provides the fuel to generate meaningful insights. We have reached the tipping point where all businesses recognize they cannot compete in a digital age using analog-era legacy solutions and architectures.  The winners in the next phase of business will be those enterprises that obtain a clear handle on the foundations of modern data management, specifically the nexus of data quality, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI).

While most enterprises have invested in on premises data warehouses as the backbone of their analytic data management practices, many are shifting their new workloads to the cloud. The proliferation of new data types and sources is accelerating the development of data lakes with aspirations of gaining integrated analytics that can accelerate new business opportunities.  We found in the research that over 60% of global enterprises are now investing in a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy with both data from cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure along with existing on premises infrastructures. Hence, this hybrid, multi-cloud strategy will need to correlate with their investments in data analytics, and it will become imperative to manage data seamlessly across all platforms.

At Paxata, our mission is to give everyone the power to intelligently profile and transform data into consumable information at the speed of thought. To empower everyone, not just technical users, to prepare their data and make it ready for analytics and decision making. The first step in making this transition is to eliminate the bottlenecks of traditional IT-led data management practices through AI-powered automation. Second, you need to apply modern data preparation and data quality principles and technology platforms to support both analytical and operational use cases.  Thirdly, you need a technology infrastructure that embraces the hybrid, multi-cloud world.

Paxata sits right at the center stage of this new shift, helping enterprises profile and transform complex data types in high volume, high variety environments.  As such, we’re excited about partnering with Accenture and Microsoft to accelerate businesses with our ability to deliver modern analytical and operational platforms to address today’s digital transformation requirements.

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