Data-Driven or Information Inspired

April 19, 2017

Data-Driven or Information Inspired

By Prakash Nanduri, Co-Founder and CEO, Paxata

From its inception, Paxata has always been focused on transforming the lives of you the business consumer:  the business analyst, the marketing analyst, the financial planning and analysis guru, and you the intelligence analyst. The hardest part of your jobs is turning raw data into information that is ready for analytics and insight.

You are the domain expert and understand your business and your customers. You know what questions to ask, and most often, know where the data is. More importantly, you know that when raw data is made complete, clean, contextual to your needs, and consumable in the way you want to consume it, it becomes information. Until then, it is just data that is worthless and non-actionable.

We have been thrilled that over the last few years, Paxata has been your intelligent assistant in helping you to turn data into information in minutes and not months, with clicks, and not code. We’ve been your friend in giving you an environment that you’re comfortable working in: a search-based paradigm, a Google Docs-like collaborative environment, a library of Paxata projects that you and your peers can use and re-use, and the information time machine where you’re able to get a full audit trail of what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Paxata is your personal assistant that documents everything you do, for you.

Your business is going through unprecedented change. Everything, from who your customer is, what product and solution you’re building, how you’re delivering it, pricing it, and how you measure your financials, is all changing at a breathtaking pace.

You have recognized two stark facts:  1) If your business does not innovate and re-invent, it will die. 2) You need information at the speed of thought, not data. This information needs to be spread across the organization and cannot be held by just a few. You are driving this era of democratization of information, and as a result, unleashing breathtaking creativity.  At the same time, you recognize that governance goes hand in hand with democratization and that without this, you have chaos. Hence, you are the drivers of what I call the Information Inspired Business.

Congratulations and thank you!


To learn more about Becoming an Information Inspired Business, download the white paper.

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