Paxata has a simple, flexible and scalable pricing model to fit the needs of all our customers. 

Here's are your options:


Every business analyst gets a PaxPersonal for $3,500 a year (for twelve months). That is under $300 a month to get back weeks and months back in your life!

With PaxPersonal, you get unlimited projects, great online support and 1Gb of storage. Our solution is in the cloud so you lose no time on set-up or getting started. You can immediately collect, explore, transform, and combine all your data with output to Tableau, QlikView, Excel or any other tool you use for ad-hoc analytics. Want more? How about the ability to auto-enrich your analytics projects with data sets from public sources like and dbpedia! If you are a single business analyst, that is all you need.


PaxTeam makes it possible for a team to work together on projects, access the library to supply data, retrieve AnswerSets or simply watch how data is being prepared by others. The PaxTeam license is $10,000 a year (for twelve months) and gives every team member with a PaxPersonal license rich features for:

  • Collaboration – Paxata’s Simultaneous Editing allows you and any number of team members to look at the same dataset and modify it in real time together. No more e-mailing each other spreadsheets and getting out of sync.
  • Governance – Paxata’s Concurrent History allows complete traceability and auditing of every operation done by every user in the system with the ability to rollback the clock to any previous point in time. Policies can be evolved as governance rules emerge in the working interactions of people in the system.
  • Administration – Paxata’s administration console allows you to add or remove users to the system and define roles with a rich collection of permissions including project access and modification and importing and exporting data for fine grained control of system resources.
  • The Paxata Library – Paxata’s Library provides a complete reservoir of sources datasets, AnswerSets, and transformations to maximize reuse. With the library, the published preparation targets and AnswerSets of your team members can be used as sources to your projects.
  • API Access – PaxTeam API’s allow you to use many key Paxata capabilities from the command line to automate the data preparation process. Bulk import your data on a nightly basis, apply preparation steps, and have the data ready for further refinement for users.
  • Additional 5Gb of storage – PaxTeam users get an additional 5GB of storage above and beyond the storage associated with individual user licenses.


We also have PaxEnterprise which includes PaxPersonal and PaxTeam capabilities for enterprise-wide needs with service, support SLAs and storage tailored for your needs. Since no two enterprises look alike, we do a quick assessment of the team, your use cases, data sources and requirements before we give you a quote. It's fair, it's fast and you'll know that we want you as a customer every step of the way!