You might be a data scientist, but you probably don’t enjoy convoluted pricing structures. Paxata understands that – we make our pricing easy (and transparent).

Paxata Data Prep Cloud

For $20,000, you get Paxata Data Prep Cloud, which includes access for up to three users. Our solution is in the cloud so data curators, business analysts, operations and IT teams can work on data prep projects together – regardless of where they are. Paxata Data Prep Cloud includes:

  • A 100GB shared space in the Paxata Library – Paxata’s Library provides a complete reservoir of sources datasets, AnswerSets, and transformations to maximize reuse
  • Within the library, the original data sets and AnswerSets can be used as sources in up to 20 active projects
  • Easy access to data from local files, relational databases, and Hadoop clusters
  • Unlimited publishing capabilities to Tableau, Qlik or other BI tools via ODBC / JDBC
  • Two-step integration to get data from web services like (SFDC)
  • Collaboration – Paxata’s Simultaneous Editing allows you and any number of team members to look at the same dataset and modify it in real time together. No more e-mailing each other spreadsheets and getting out of sync.
  • Governance – Paxata’s Concurrent History allows complete traceability and auditing of every operation done by every user in the system with the ability to replay or roll back steps to any previous point in time. Policies can be evolved as governance rules emerge in the working interactions of people in the system.
  • Administration – Paxata’s administration console allows you to add or remove users to the system and define roles with a rich collection of permissions for fine grained control of system resources.
  • Web and email support

Need more? We make it easy to grow as you go:

  • Additional users - $995/year each (that is $82 a month!) and each new user gets 10GB in the Data Library and five additional active projects
  • We also offer training and service packages for customers who want to kick-start their program or get advanced data preparation skills!
Paxata Data Prep Enterprise

Some customers require different deployment options, which is where Data Prep Enterprise fits. If you want to deploy Paxata on-premise on your Hadoop infrastructure, then Paxata Data Prep Enterprise is for you.

Since no two enterprises look alike, Paxata will work with you to do a quick assessment of the team, your use cases, data sources and requirements to ensure our quote is aligned with your success. Our solution consultant team delivers on enterprise-wide needs with service, support SLAs and storage tailored for you. It's fair, it's fast and you'll know that we want you as a customer every step of the way!