Today, the biggest challenge in any analytical exercise is simply getting the data you need ready. Bringing together structured and unstructured data sets from internal and external sources, looking for duplicate data or blank fields, fixing misspellings, splitting or reshaping columns, adding additional data to provide more context. As quickly as data is being made available, and with all of the amazing Business Intelligence and Analytics tools at your fingertips, every minute wasted on data preparation is a minute you are not asking questions and making decisions.

Paxata eliminates the pain by providing a data preparation platform built from the ground up to satisfy the demands of teams who want to dramatically increase their analytic productivity on ever-increasing data volumes, reduce risk of data chaos and get greater value from the work they do.

Paxata’s data preparation solution sits on top of an enterprise-scale platform built on Hadoop, and powered by Spark. The power of the platform is exposed to cloud customers in the form of unparalleled data prep elasticity, flexibility, security, and responsiveness, while on-premise customers can integrate Paxata into their shared-services Hadoop and non-Hadoop environment with minimal effort and immediate time to value. Regardless of which deployment model is desired, all customers get the benefits of the only modern Adaptive Data PreparationTM solution on the market.