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Adaptive Data Preparation: Self-service meets big data scale

Paxata is a self-service data preparation solution designed to help everyone who deals with data eliminate the pain of combining, cleaning and shaping their data prior to analytics. Business analysts work within an Excel-like application that is easy to use, with visually interactive guidance that makes it easy to bring together data, find and fix dirty or missing data, and share and re-use data projects across teams. IT organizations and curators leverage the Paxata platform as a shared environment for delivering data, monitoring how data is prepared and used, and building dynamic governance that is aligned with the semantics of the business, not data systems.

Paxata's data preparation application sits on top of an enterprise-scale platform built from the ground up to satisfy the demands of teams who want to dramatically increase their analytic productivity on ever-increasing data volumes, reduce risk of data chaos and get greater value from the work they do. The power of the platform is exposed to cloud customers in the form of unparalleled data prep flexibility and responsiveness, while on-premise customers can integrate Paxata into their Hadoop environment with minimal effort and immediate time to value. Regardless of which deployment model is desired, all customers get the benefits of the only modern data preparation solution on the market.

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