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Paxata is the first purpose-built solution that delivers Adaptive Data Preparation™ for the business analyst. With Paxata, everyone has the ability to rapidly turn all raw data into ready data for analytics – in minutes, not months accelerating the time to right insights and action.

Our customers, Pax Pros, now have the freedom to prepare data on their own or work with peers in a shared, transparent environment as they import, explore, enrich, combine, share complete and accurate AnswerSets ready to be published in the ad-hoc analytics tool they choose.

Import, Explore, Enrich, Combine, Share, Publish

  • Import: Paxata can bring in data regardless of format (Excel, Flat Files, Relational Databases, XML, JSON, Avro) and Paxata will automatically parse and identify the types (Products, Customers, Time, Geography) and meaning of the data.
  • Explore: Paxata helps every business analyst proactively assess where data quality issues are by engaging in completely ad-hoc interactive exploration with full-text search, interactive textual and numeric, filters and histograms and visual data quality heat maps that highlight errors, duplicates and missing data. Paxata will also proactively determine what transformations are needed to improve the raw data by leveraging pre-built functionality to pivot, aggregate and remediate errors all on the fly.
  • Combine: Paxata automatically detects common attributes across multiple raw source data sets, assembling them into a single AnswerSet, and then merges multiple overlapping entity references into de-duplicated trusted entities without any scripting, SQL, or complex Excel functionality like VLOOKUPS, pivot tables and macros.
  • Share: Paxata allows analysts to work simultaneously with peers on data sets without a pre-determined workflow with simultaneous editing. Paxata’s unique LiveHistory, provides security, versioning and usage visibility to ensure sharing is secure along with audited rollbacks.
  • Publish: Paxata makes AnswerSets available directly through ODBC LiveQuery to Qlik, Tableau, Excel, and any other ODBC-compliant analytics tool or a flat file. Paxata also supports publishing Answer Sets to Hadoop clusters.