1. Cut data
    prep time
    from days
    to minutes.

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  2. 40-60%

    of analytics cycle time is spent on data prep

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    Solutions like Paxata help us get data ready, freeing our business analysts from the mundane tasks of joining and cleaning data so we can improve productivity and apply our time to higher value work.

    ~ Timothy Weaver, CIO, Dannon

  4. Our Story

    In January 2012, a small team of passionate people decided to lead the charge in an exciting and rapidly evolving space of managing information in the era of Big Data: Adaptive Data PreparationTM. At our launch in October 2013, we had customers and partners, including Tableau, Qlik and Cloudera, by our side. Our multi-tenant public cloud solution and private cloud virtual appliance are now deployed in organizations every size. We were rewarded with great media and analyst attention, including being named as one of the top 10 Coolest Big Data Start-ups of 2013 by CRN! Learn more about our journey...and why we are dedicated to change the lives of business analysts AND the data-driven teams they support.

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